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In House Dental Saving Plan

Annual Fee:
  • Member: $329

  • Member under age of 14: $249

Benefits Include:
  • 2 Routine Exams Per Year

  • 2 sets of Xrays Per Year

  • 2 Routine Cleanings (in absence of gum disease) or 2 Perio-Maintenance Per Year

  • 2 Fluoride treatments Per Year

  • 1 Emergency Exam with X- ray

  • 25% off for most dental services

  • 15% off orthodontic service

  • This plan does not include deep cleaning. In case of gum disease and deep cleaning is diagnosed, deep cleaning will be offered at 25% discount.  

*Perio-Maintenance is recommended once every 3 month after deep cleaning. 

**Plan is valid one year from the date of sign up (non-transferable)

(This is not an insurance plan, West Prosper Family Dental is not a licensed insurer, heath maintenance organization, or other underwriter of health services. This plan may not be combined with any other offers, discounts, or advertisements. The discounts offered are valid only in this office and for services, not products. )

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