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Dental crowns: a  protective cap sometimes is put over the tooth to help to restore its function, shape, and to improve the smiles.  A crown is recommended when there is a large filling, after a root canal treatment, weak tooth, large crack or to restore the implant.  The tooth will be shaped and prepared, after which we will take a custom impression of the tooth.  A tooth colored material that is color matched to the shade and translucency of the natural tooth. Once the crown is fabricated, we will fit the town over the tooth and secure it with a permanent cement. 


Dental bridge: is one of the option to restore a single or multiple tooth loss,  It is designed to bridge the gap.  The tooth before and after the missing space will be reshaped for the crown, an impression will be taken, and we will use it to create the bridge.  Once completed, we will fit the bridge and secure it with a permanent cement.

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